• The Brave New World of Cell-Site
    Heath Hardman
    How do you catch a hacker that has stolen thousands of dollars, stolen multiple identities, and evaded capture for years? If you’re the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), you use a Stingray of course.
    8 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 001 (2015)
  • The State Of Drones: State Authority to Regulate Drones
    Robert A. Heverly
    The federal government controls the flying skies. Little room in the realm of airspace regulation is available for states to address questions relating to airplane safety, operations, and services.
    8 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 029 (2015)
  • The Rise of the Drones – The Need for Comprehensive Federal Regulation of Robot Aircraft
    Timothy T. Takahashi
    This monograph describes how robotic aircraft technology creates an environment where existing Federalism, commerce authority, Fourth Amendment, and Fifth Amendment doctrines collide in unexpected and consequential manners.
    8 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 63 (2015)
  • The Covert use of Drones: How Secrecy Undermines Oversight and Accountability
    Milena Sterio
    Under the Obama Administration, the number of drone strikes has sharply increased, prompting criticism and concern. As one commentator has noted, “[u]nder Obama, drone strikes have become too frequent, too unilateral, and too much associated with the heavy-handed use of American power.
    8 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 129 (2015)
  • Operationalizing use of Drones Against Non-State Terrorists Under the International Law of Self-Defense
    Jordan J. Paust
    As the war in Afghanistan dies down, some within the Government of the United States and lawyers within the U.S. Armed Forces will most likely reconsider whether a law of war paradigm would be relevant with respect to future drone targetings of members of al Qaeda, its associates, and other non-state terrorist groups that operate in Afghanistan and in other parts of the world.
    8 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 166 (2015)

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