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The Albany Government Law Review is a student-edited law review, publishing articles on a variety of issues relating to legal aspects of government and public policy. Our strong connection to the school's nationally recognized Government Law Center and our location in the state capitol of New York provides us with the unique opportunity to publish critical and analytical articles written by leading scholars and academics on significant government topics. In addition to serving as an academic forum for legal scholarship, the Albany Government Law Review is designed to be an effective research tool for courts, practicing lawyers, and students.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Albany Government Law Review is our all-symposia format. Albany Government Law Review publishes themed issues semi-annually that feature articles from distinguished legal scholars and academics, as well as notes and comments written by our members.

All articles submitted to our law review are subjected to a rigorous editorial process. This process is designed to sharpen and strengthen substance, clarity, and citation, while preserving the author's tone and message. We consider articles for publication that are submitted and would fit within our symposia topics. For more information on submissions and the Albany Government Law Review, feel free to contact us.​​​​​

Membership Information

The Albany Government Law Review selects members through a competitive process. Interested students may be invited to join the law review based on class rank or participation in the annual Write-On Competition.

Upon completion of the first year, students who rank in the top 25% of the their class are invited to join the Albany Government Law Review. Students who are interested in joining the law review but do not grade on may compete in the annual Write-On Competition, which is held during the summer following their first year. Students participating in the write-on competition must have a cummulative GPA of 2.5 at the end of the spring semester of their first year. Second-year students who did not meet the minimum rank requirement at the end of their first year, but meet the requirement at the end of their second year may participate in the write-on competition held the summer before their third year.

If you have any questions, please contact Editor-in-Chief If you have any questions, please contact Editor-in-Chief Claudia Cadenillas at