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  • Increased Driving Regulations for the Elderly: A Case Study In New York Calling for the Expansion of Current Regulations

    The stories are similar across the country, but the most disastrous accident involving an elderly man took place in California in 2003. George Weller made a deadly mistake when he became confused while driving in Santa Monica, California. Instead of pushing the brake, George Weller hit the accelerator, and when he “regained his composure, 10 people were dead, [and] 63 people were injured, with one body at the edge of his tires, which the prosecutor referred to as ‘a human brake.’” Not only did Mr. Weller jump a curb into a Santa Monica farmers market, but when his car finally came to a stop, he had traveled three hundred yards at the speed of forty to sixty miles per hour. Mr. Weller was later convicted of ten counts of vehicular manslaughter.