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  • Geronimo Pratt and Inmate Records: Avoiding Injustice by Changing Inmate Record-Keeping in New York State Prisons

    Elmer Gerard “Geronimo” Pratt spent eight years imprisoned within a prison within the imprisoned prison as a black man in solitary confinement. For the first eight years of his unjustified twenty-seven-year term, he was subject to the worst hurt the American penal system could inflict upon him. He was not subject to this hurt solely because of the crimes for which he was convicted; but, rather, he was subject to this hurt because of his political ideology. This paper will not focus on Pratt’s political views or the governmental efforts to bring down the Black Panther Party (BPP or “Panthers”) by framing Pratt. It will instead focus on how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other government agencies were able to make Pratt’s existence in prison as deplorable as possible. Specifically, this paper will discuss how Pratt’s inmate record was manipulated by government agencies through inaccurate information, which was used to justify Pratt’s solitary confinement.