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  • The New York State Legislature: A Look at the History and the Process

    The intricacies and nuances of the rules and laws governing the New York State Legislature are hard to follow and often cause consternation for those attempting to follow the process. As one critic noted, “New York State legislative procedures remain an arcane mystery to many of even the most sophisticated counsel.” This confusion is likely one of the main reasons why the New York Legislature is continually plagued by the term “dysfunction.” The process is a complicated one, and if you do not follow it on a regular basis, it can certainly look dysfunctional. An analysis of the process can clear up most of the confusion and make the system understandable. This article will look at how a bill becomes a law in New York and the procedure that is used to navigate the system. Before delving into the details of the legislative process, one must first have an understanding of how New York State government is structured and how the legislature in New York is designed to work.