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  • Foreword

    With this publication, the Albany Government Law Review proudly introduces its inaugural issue of New York Legislation. As a result of this issue, the Albany Government Law Review is expanding its publishing capabilities and solidifying its status as a preeminent source for analyzing legal issues affecting New York State government. During the past school year, a whirlwind of activity took place within our state’s government— culminating with a new governor and new leadership in Albany. Suffice it to say, as a leading law and public policy publication, it would be unsound to not at least pay some of our academic attention to what was taking place right in our backyards this past year. Our fortunate proximity to the state capital provides this law review with the capabilities to publish the scholarly work of New York policy makers, government affairs practitioners, and distinguished professors. This current publication contains articles examining various issues including: the utility of term limits, the rules governing the New York State Legislature, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender legislative efforts, and the call for constitutional reform in New York State government.