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  • An Evaluation of Local Laws Requiring Government Contractors to Adopt LGBT-Related Workplace Policies

    This is the first study to assess both the positive effects of these [Nashville LGBT-inclusive] ordinances, and the validity of arguments made against them, by analyzing local governments’ experiences with implementing and enforcing them. It is based on an original survey of the sixty-eight localities that have at least one of these types of contactor requirements, as well as eight other studies that three of these jurisdictions have conducted. Although some states have also passed laws requiring state government contractors to adopt these policies, this review focuses only on local ordinance implementation and enforcement. The three principle findings of this study are: 1.) Almost all of the localities surveyed reported uniform compliance with the contractor ordinances, with little to no resistance by contractors. 2.) Of all the localities that responded to the survey, only two reported individual enforcement investigations or actions for violations of these contractor requirements, and these localities just reported one such instance each. 3.) The contractor requirements have been adopted, implemented, and enforced with little disruption to government operations or work, administrative burden, cost or litigation.