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  • Blueprint for Modernizing Built Environment Law: A View from the Budget

    This article attempts to explain various aspects that, in the aggregate, contribute to a "disconnect" between the rhetoric of reform and current legislation. The fact remains that the State‘s organic set of laws under which public capital programs at all levels of government in the State are conceived, financed, constructed and maintained during and beyond their useful lives, are not only archaic, but have steadfastly resisted modernization. In order to provide the conceptual resources for more effective advocacy by others, this article performs a multi-disciplinary analysis of a statutory ensemble that affects all aspects of the State‘s built environment. Laws affecting intertwined public and private sector activities, such as those involved in public sector construction, are the result of practices and theories (some economic) that change over time after the laws were enacted. To understand the impact of the laws as they are at any given time requires a multi-disciplinary approach.