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  • Curious Consequences of Cannabis Prohibition

    Although the stated rationales for different cannabis policies are interesting, they often distract from clear examinations of current enforcement practices and their measured results. Indeed, the notion of measured results is worthy of examination. Unbiased summaries of these policies are probably impossible. Any author‘s choice of facts to emphasize in a summary rests on an opinion about their import. Authors with identical knowledge of identical facts could summarize them differently simply because of different estimates of their impact and relevance. This predicament has led to policy debates where each side frequently talks past the other rather than addressing comparable issues. We will argue that the variation in the perceptions of import is so vast that a single policy solution for the entire United States has become untenable. Fortunately, the framers of the Constitution foresaw that different locales might hold different values, allowing individual states to fashion their own laws and policies.14 Jurisdictions might make educated decisions about policies when they are most aware of the outcomes associated with current prohibitions.