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  • Why Are You Calling Me? The Importance of the Do-Not-Call Registry in Protecting the Elderly From Financial Abuse

    This article discusses how the elderly population is growing in the United States. As the elderly population continues to increase, there will be a greater number of people who are vulnerable to financial abuse. The second section examines the most common diseases that affect the mental capacity of the elderly. These diseases place an already vulnerable group in an even more vulnerable position when it comes to financial abuse. The third section examines why the elderly are so often targets of financial abuse. This includes not only dementia, but also the aspects of an elderly person‘s lifestyle that make him or her particularly susceptible. The fourth section examines the use of telemarketing and how it facilitates the financial abuse of the elderly. Telemarketers also take advantage of the elderly lifestyle, increasing the likelihood of abuse. The fifth section examines the Do-Not-Call Registry and its importance in preventing financial abuse of the elderly. The sixth section concludes with possible solutions to protect the elderly from financial abuse.