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  • Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery in the Modern World

    Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery, and the third most profitable trafficking activity in the world after drug and gun trafficking. Some scholars at the University of Kentucky point out: "America is no stranger to slavery. There is a rich history of slavery being imported to Virginia and culminating in a law to abolish importation of African slaves (1807), a civil war because of slavery (1860-1865), and laws that finally intended the abolition of slavery itself (1863)." However, human trafficking, arguably, has negative effects as great as slavery, and if it cannot be suppressed, the ideal goal of the international community will be threatened. This paper will discuss the main forms of human trafficking and issues of sexual exploitation, human trafficking analyzed from the international perspective, and issues explored in domestic law enforcement of human trafficking within the context of the international obligations to fight against human trafficking and sex slavery. Main measures taken against human trafficking and sex slavery at the national level will also be discussed.