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  • Mind the Gap- Unemployment Discrimination

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  • "Right To Try" Laws: Does The Legislature Need to 'Try Harder'?

    This article discusses the controversial "Right to Try" Laws enacted after the D.C. Court of Appeals held that terminally ill patients hace a constitutional right to access experimental drug treatments. The author reports the historical background, practical problems with these laws, and includes proposals that try to fix these problems.

  • The Criminalization of Indebtedness: The Contemporary Legal Ideologies of Debtors' Prisons and the Recent Revivification of Peonage

    This article discusses the issues faced with Debtors' Prisons, a truly ancient method of punishment for people who do not pay their debts (and a likely origin for the Lannisters' catch-phrase). The author discusses how peonage is this day and age has delibitating ramifications, and also addresses the reforms states have used to combat modern-day debt servitude.