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GLR Online Issues

Current Issue

  • Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States: An Appeal to Allow an Individual Suffering From a Chronic Progressive Illness to Opt for Physician Assisted Suicied Prior to the Six-Month Terminal Illness Requirement

    This article exposes the hot button issue of physicial assited suicide from a legal perspective by discussing the history of the laws addressing this issue in the United States as well as other countries. The author also explains in great detail certain chronic progressive medical conditions to give a better understanding of a patients' desire for physician-assisted suicide, and legally what should be done.

Past Issues

  • "Right To Try" Laws: Does The Legislature Need to 'Try Harder'?

    This article discusses the controversial "Right to Try" Laws enacted after the D.C. Court of Appeals held that terminally ill patients hace a constitutional right to access experimental drug treatments. The author reports the historical background, practical problems with these laws, and includes proposals that try to fix these problems.

  • The Criminalization of Indebtedness: The Contemporary Legal Ideologies of Debtors' Prisons and the Recent Revivification of Peonage

    This article discusses the issues faced with Debtors' Prisons, a truly ancient method of punishment for people who do not pay their debts (and a likely origin for the Lannisters' catch-phrase). The author discusses how peonage is this day and age has delibitating ramifications, and also addresses the reforms states have used to combat modern-day debt servitude.